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french social contributions costs

french social contributions costs are probably significantly higher than in your country.


√   French social contributions costs

If you have one or more employees in France, you have to pay, as employer, social contributions based on wages. My Payroll in France give you a rough estimate of your costs, from gross to net.

For a Gross wage of 100, your payslip in France will show you following amounts :

  • Employee contributions: 24
  • Net amount (before income tax): 76
  • Employer contributions: 45

In other words, you will pay :

  • to your employee : 76
  • to social organisations : 24+45=69
  • which means a global cost of : 76 +69 = 145

Please consider these data as example. Reality may vary significantly (5 or 10%) depending on the wage amount, depending on health care insurance or other supplementary contributions. For more information, you will find legal rate on french social security web site here.

You may also have some good surprise

Depending on your situation, some allowance may be not submitted to social contributions and income tax.

For more information, please contact us



  Net amount before income tax ?

My Payroll in France calculate a net amount before income tax because income tax was not paid by the employer in France. In fact, your employee had to do on his own. Now, employer will have to pay every month an income tax prepaiment deduced from net amount, and  employee will have to pay the rest to french tax adminstration.

Please read more about french income tax on wage