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Payroll HR Specialist

My Payroll in France : payroll and HR services provider


My Payroll in France is a payroll company and HR services provider. We are focused on providing quality to business of all sizes across all around the world. From France to the United States of America, passing by China, the United Kingdom and Russia, our experience is at your service.

When it comes to setting up a business in France, expanding your current international business to Franceinvesting in French property, or simply considering payroll providers and HR consulting services, here at My Payroll in France, we have all the tools at hand to provide you with a complete service.


Attention and personalized services

We are your paymaster. We are your support that allow you to focus on your core business.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary skills, you will have an adviser that will help you with your professional and personal matters. You will not have a chatbot or a multiple-choice answering machine, but a real adviser which knows your file and your specificity.

Competence and professionalism

Our employees have received training in France. Each year, we trained regularly our collaborators in order to maintain their technical currency and to develop their professional skills. The aim is to provide you a disciplinary of high-quality that fit your needs. team of English-speaking staff

Professionalism, performance and ethical are the values that we want to bring forward, and above all put at your service. We actively contribute towards increasing your success by a constant respect of our commitments.