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Your payroll provider in France assist you :

Your payroll provider in France  help you to setup your business in France : company registration near french social organisation, payslips, social contributions, personal income tax.

You are an employer based abroad. You don’t have a business establishment located in France. Your headquarters is situated abroad. You have been employing a person or staff, who are pursuing their professional activities on your behalf in France. This or these employees of yours are working under the jurisdiction of the French social security scheme. Relevant and obligatory social contributions for them are due and must be paid to this scheme




            Registration of your company                                      Registration of your employees                               Payroll services - Payslip

Employer registration                    Employee registration                     Payslip per month


                              Payroll services - Social contributions or returns                                            Payroll services - Other services

                 Social contributions based on wages                   Business address and other services