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Tax returns

Professional and personal income tax in France


One of the main concerns for people thinking of living or investing in France is French taxation. The English-speaking accountants team of My Payroll in France help you with the different taxes in France related to property, business, income and wealth. Our process is completely transparent.


➞ Our principal clientele is a professional one. We generally prepare their personal income and wealth tax declarations.

 If you have one or more employees in France, as an employer you have to pay social security contributions based on wages * . Also, you have to pay employee’s taxes deduced on their payslip.

We will fill your social returns each quarter or each month depending on compulsory due date. We will give you payment instructions while respecting the expires. You will pay directly these organisations and we do not manage your money.

Our services depends of what you need: we can make professional taxation and VAT, property taxation and capital gains tax, income tax and real estate wealth tax, review of individual tax affairs.



Other questions we may discuss together:

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