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French pay slip information

How salary slip is made ? 


Incomplete and incorrect payslips are still one of the most common problems. Employers can be sanctioned for failing to meet record keeping and payslip obligations.

My Payroll in France provides monthly pay slips on PDF document. There is one payslip per month per employee. You will found on it :

  • Gross amount
  • Amounts and purpose of variable and fixed deductions
  • Net pay
  • French income tax

More specifically, there is also some basics informations such as :

  • the start and end date of the relevant pay period
  • any superannuation contributions paid for the employee’s benefit
  • all loadings, allowances, bonuses, incentive-based payments, penalty rates, or other paid entitlements that can be separated out from an employee’s ordinary hourly rate


We deliver you the payslips in one opening day in 83% of the time.

In this way, you keep under control the wages of your employees by giving them the payslip and wiring the wages.



Other questions we may discuss together :

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  • ➜   Does this tax situation have an impact on the salary’s slip ?
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